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Irini Koronaki

Irini Koronaki

Her passion and love for photography is one which has led to a remarkable success in this field over 5 years. To her photography is more than pictures; it is life itself. It is a representation of oneself. This is why she  gives in relentless efforts to make sure every time and locations are worth it and worthwhile.Her pictures wh

ich are focused on light and unique romantic moments are of superior quality, and she owes this to the emotional attachment she gets each time she takes a photograph. Her pictures are known to be bright, elegant and above all “passion-filled”.

She’s a very open and friendly person who wants things done right without hassles that’s why she treats all my clients as a part of my family- She lets them in on what can be done (their ideas and opinions are always welcomed). She also enjoys putting a smile on peoples faces as well as lea

ves a lasting impression of a great job, and she does this wearing a smile all through.

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Have a look at Irini’s work through her official site: Irini Koronaki Photography