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Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Stag Parties

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties have been a wedding tradition for ages, it began where the groom was given the chance to let loose before settling down with his new wife. Those days are for once long gone and in today’s modern society not only men but women celebrate their upcoming weddings with their closest friends.

Whether you are in charge of putting your best friend’s bash together or organizing your own Bachelor/Bachelorette Party there is no need for stress as we at Royal Blue Luxury Events know exactly how to throw you a weekend gateway party that will forever be remembered.

By throwing a bachelor / bachelorette party in a foreign destination, you have the chance to experience a quick getaway celebration with your favorite pals. There is no “typical” bash; though what usually comes to mind is a group of friends dragging the bride or groom from bar to bar and making a fuss in public.

We at Royal Blue Luxury Events will offer you a wild party typical to the local culture.

Party Planning 101

The Host – Virtually anyone can host a stag party, very often this task is given to the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen basically anyone who is closest to the bride or groom.

The Guest list – It’s usually best to keep your party small, a party of ten friends is probably the ideal number of persons you should invite. Who you invite is absolutely up to you and it does not necessarily have to be from your wedding guests. It could be people of whom you have not invited to your wedding but would enjoy a weekend away with them.

Decide on a Date – When organizing a weekend gateway it is preferable to organize and set your date at least six months before in order to give your friends the chance to plan ahead. Invites – Store bought invitations are fine but why not spread the word to your friends by planning an event social media as a private group. From first moment it will give you and your friends an experience that will keep the momentum high till the actual day of the party itself.

Party favors– it is always fun to offer the persons within the party a nice gift to remind them of the weekend they expect. 

Suggested Activities

Calm and Peaceful – A peaceful getaway in a villa with your friends enjoying the sun, swimming in its private pool with exposure to traditional food, professional massages, beauty treatments and a personal trainer too.

 Sporty – Why not enjoy a weekend on a yacht with your friends with swimming, snorkeling with great meals.

Safari – A great weekend with the opportunity to explore the island with Quads or off road vehicles. These fun day excursions are custom made for you taking you on a journey through gorges, the wild landscapes of the mountains of Crete, natural beaches as well meeting the locals in villages along these routes. This is a glimpse of typical Cretan rural life.

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