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Our Celebrations

Happy 1 year Anniversary

Happy  Anniversary Christina & Trevor…

Happy 1 year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Tammy & Fab …

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1st  Anniversary Ilze & AJ…

Happy 1 year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Rachael & Christian…

Signature Party designed by Royal Blue Luxury Events

A Birthday Party at a Luxury Villa in Rethymno, Crete.

Signature Private Villa Luxury Birthday

Avengers Themed Birthday Party

When receiving the request to organize Diomidis’s 9th Birthday Party,  we were truly honored &  knew the stakes were high!

Our Next Event – Carnival Party for Children

Come and enjoy a fun Carnival Party at KIDO’s Athletic Park with plenty of games, food and music.

Our Carnival Party Event on 16 February 2017

It’s been over a century, since a group of optimistic and open-hearted people from the city of Rethymno decided to add some color to their everyday life by living up their city, during the Carnival season just before they enter the 40 days of lent leading towards the Orthodox Easter.

In 1914 the first Carnival in Rethymno was organized, surpassing everyone’s intentions. Through the years, more and more people joined the association in hope to turn the Carnival into to a well organized Event exceeded every time the expectations of the people .

The Carnival of Rethymno today, has become renowned in Greece bringing together visitors near and far offering 3 weeks of different events and activities in the City. On the last day of the Carnival our city celebrates with a Parade bringing together thousands of people of all ages from all of Crete and Greece dressed in colorful themed outfits sending a message to those watching. The Parade has ranked #2 in Greece and this years goal is to surpass everyone’s expectations and hit #1.

We invite you to share this experience with our community, forgetting all everyday problems in becoming a kid again and joining in the fun!

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Rethymno Carnival Official Page

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Rygg

On behalf of our team at Royal Blue Luxury Events we would like to wish Mr & Mrs Rygg a very Happy Wedding Anniversary. May you and your beautiful family be showered only with Joy and Good Health.

Your Friends in Crete,

Katharina & Spiros